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Update control tyres Kampenhout International Race:

For 2015 we will have as control tyres (on driven axles) the usual Schumacher Minispike 2 (all compounds).

Additionally for the 4WD front wheels the Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib (all compounds) will be allowed.

A good opportunity to test these tyres as they are also the control tyre (in yellow compound) for the World Championship.

Hall of Fame

1989  Jamie Booth           GB  Jamie Booth           GB
1992  Steve West             GB  Fabian Gourmet        B
1993  Fabian Gourmet       B  Guy De Weerd          B
1994  Laurent Borremans   B  Karl Marsden          GB
1995  Karl Marsden          GB  Karl Marsden          GB
1996  Jukka Steenari        SF  Jukka Steenari        SF
1997  Fabian Gourmet        B  Jukka Steenari        SF
1998  Jukka Steenari        SF  Jukka Steenari        SF
1999  Jukka Steenari        SF  Jukka Steenari        SF
2000  Fabian Gourmet        B  Jukka Steenari        SF
2001  Fabian Gourmet        B  Fabian Gourmet        B  Jan Hansen             DK
2002  Benjamin Gröschel   D  Benjamin Gröschel   D  Jan Hansen             DK
2003  Kim Sitensky             D  Andy Fraser            GB  Jan Hansen             DK
2004  Bob Claes                 B  Joern Neumann        D  Kim Sitensky            D
2005  Chris Rowcliffe        GB  Joern Neumann        D  Jan Hansen            DK
2006  Lee Martin               GB  Joern Neumann        D  Rene Jespersen      DK
2007  Lee Martin               GB  Lee Martin              GB  Bjoern Billino           D
2008 Wouter Wynen           B Simon Reeves         GB Simon Reeves         GB
2009 Simon Bettens           B Richard Lowe          GB Tom Cockerill          GB
2010 Tom Cockerill          GB Tom Cockerill          GB Bruno Heremans        B
2011 Lee Martin               GB Joern Neumann         D
2012 Wouter Wynen           B Grant Williams         GB
2013 Wesley van Helmond NL Tom Cockerill          GB
2014 Tom Cockerill           GB Tom Cockerill          GB
2015 Tom Cockerill           GB Jesper Rasmussen    DK
2016 Tom Cockerill           GB Jesper Rasmussen    DK
2017 Tom Cockerill           GB Tom Cockerill           GB
2018 Joern Neumann          D Michal Orlowski        PL




Our 2015 GP will be held on the first weekend of July, coinciding with the park festivities as usual. It will be on the Efra calendar as International Race. However the format will be the same as before and an Efra licence is not required.


free practice on Friday

2wd on Saturday

4wd on Sunday

Control tyre for driven axles: Schumacher mini spike 2, all types all compounds.

Entries will stay open  from the 9th of February until the end of February.


By sending your name and class(es) raced to, you can apply for a place.

Everyone can apply, even without personal invitation.


You will receive a confirmation for the entry or reserve list after the end of February. Payment details will be in that mail. Do not send any payment before this confirmation with payment request.

Entry fees are still the same: 30 euros for 1 class or 50 euros for 2 classes.


Kind regards,

Willy & Liliane