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Welcome + Briefing International Race Kampenhout 2019

2019 Kampenhout International Race


Park van Relst

Aarschotsebaan 128

1910 Kampenhout (Relst)


Friday 5th of July free practice and registration

Saturday 6th of July 2wd races

Sunday 7th of July 4wd races and truck


Hello GP drivers,


Next week we will be welcoming you at our MBV track.

Registration is on Friday between 14 and 16 h. Let us know in case you arrive after 16h or if you skip Friday practice.

Please send us your transponder number if you haven’t done this yet.


We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that tire treatment products are not allowed according to EFRA and FBA rules. We insist that you follow this rule even during practice.


Parking, pitting, camping:

Tents will be put up around the track. “La grange” sera ouverte aussi. You can also pit at the camping site if you prefer. We have about 50 tables and chairs for those who can’t bring their own.


There are a lot of hotels around Brussels (Zaventem, Diegem), Leuven and Mechelen and a few camping sites in the neighborhood (Hofstade, Boortmeerbeek). Camping in the park is exceptionally allowed from Wednesday on at a cost of 5 euro per person. Basically it is bush camping, there are no showers. You can bring your generator, but use it wisely. A central power point will be installed next to the pond, bring a solid extension cable. If you need more information about the type of electrical socket we have in Belgium, check the general info again. Oh yes, nights will be noisy in the park because of the ongoing festivities. Need we say you can always join the party!


Park your car left or right of the road inside the park, for safety regulations the passage needs to be kept free. During the park festivities entrance and exit of the park might be blocked on Saturday and Sunday afternoon until 18:00h.


We like to draw your attention to the fact that on the 6th and 7th of July the Tour de France starts in the Brussels area:

This year the rock festival at Werchter (near Leuven) is one weekend earlier.


Shop and catering:

Hobby Car Shop (Patrick Van Laer) will attend the meeting to cater for your tire and other needs. You can contact them in advance to see what they bring:  Gsm Patrick: 0472902742


The club will provide a limited catering: cold drinks, hot coffee, a few snacks.

In the afternoon and evening the restaurant and food stalls in the park are open:

The entry to all the musical and other events in the park is free.


Drive safely, see you soon,

Willy & Liliane

2019 Kampenhout International Race –   briefing


About practicing

After your practice run, please stay at least 5 minutes on the track for marshaling your friends… and other competitors J.


Race duration is 5 minutes. Every driver will race 4 qualifying rounds and 3 finals.

Line up beside the rostrum a few minutes before your heat (pass behind the rostrum!). Wait for the “race over” call of the previous heat. First all the drivers come down the stairs before drivers of the following heat go up.


After your heat do not forget to shut off your transmitter and bring it to technical inspection together with your car. Proceed directly to your marshaling position.

Marshals stay on their position until the replacement arrives!

Marshals have to wear the fluo vests and solid footwear. Marshals are allowed to do a quick fix if needed (refit loose ball cup) whilst still keeping an eye on the other cars on the track.


After marshaling you can collect car + transmitter.


Important: make sure your transmitter is recognizably labeled to avoid mistakes when you pick up your transmitter after marshaling.


About racing:

– round by round, two best results to count

– starting order first round by lottery, then according to results of previous round

– in the first round you can do two laps as warm up to check your transponder by driving over the loop

the straight is a go slow area during warm up lap and after “race over” call

– starting grid for all finals chosen by pole sitter A final

-tire treatment products are not allowed, according to Efra and FBA rules


During qualifying, let the faster drivers go by. No shouting on the rostrum (or elsewhere), be a gentleman at all times.

Don’t drive in the opposite direction.

No drivers or mechanics on track before the “race over” call.

If your car breaks down during a heat, stay on the rostrum until “race over”, bring your car and transmitter to technical inspection and go to your marshaling position before even thinking about repairing your car.


Lower finals may be run with 11 drivers to avoid an extra final with only a few drivers.


About penalties:

Warning or stop and go 5 seconds in pits at the end of the straight.

Failing to marshal = loss of best result of the day.


Practical information:

Car numbers are to be collected at timekeeping (near rostrum).

Number stickers: one flat on the front windscreen will do.

Marshaling order will be on the timetable.


Parking and pitting:

Absolutely no race related parking near the playground/kitchen area.

Park your car further down in the park on both sides of the outer road. Do remember to keep this outer road free for safety regulations.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon the entry/exit of the Park may be blocked until 18:00h due to ongoing activities.

Please keep the premises clean, bin bags are available at timekeeping and catering.


Enjoy your race!

General info International Race MBV Kampenhout 2019



The MBV track is situated in a public park behind school buildings.

Address: Park van Relst, Aarschotsebaan 128, 1910 Kampenhout (Relst).


The track has an astroturf surface. Jumps? Oh yes,  whoops, a ski-iiii jump, a fabulous “wall of death”,  a tricky off camber turn, …

Special feature: unique underground drainage worth seeing. Drainage holes and pipes under the track lead to one collector on the lowest point.

The rostrum along the straight is more than 2 m high. Lap counting is installed underneath.

On the parking area right next to the track tents will be put up for pitting. Some drivers prefer pitting in the camping area which is also close to the track.

An average lap is between 26 and 29 seconds. Highest grip when the track has dried after it rained, slippery when wet. Prolonged dry weather results in slightly slower lap times.


Schumacher Mini Spike 2, all types, all compounds for the driven axles.

Tyres for the truck class: truck type/dimension  tyres, free compound and brand

Additionally for the 4WD front wheels the Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib (all compounds) will be allowed.

Cut and shut not allowed.

Recommended compound for dry weather:  yellow .

Recommended compound for wet weather: silver.


LiPo: 7,4 Volt  LiPo   7.6 HV LiPo allowed,  hard cased.

Use and charge according to manufacturer’s instructions. Liposack recommended for charging.


No motor limit, brushless (to EFRA specifications) allowed.


2wd 1474 g,

4wd 1588 g


Friday: registration and free practice,

Saturday: 8 heats 2wd maximum

Sunday: 7 heats 4wd maximum plus 1 heat Trucks

Timetable and briefing will be sent the week before the race.

4 qualifying rounds and 3 finals for everyone

race duration 5 minutes

round by round qualifying, 2 best to count.

RC4 decoder (hand out RC4 PT available if needed). Older MRT transponders probably won’t be fully compatible with a RC4 decoder.


You can search for hotels near Brussels (Diegem), Leuven or Mechelen.

Camping Veronique is only 3,5 km from the track:—Wilkommen—Bienvenue

Camping Trianon Hever,  8 km from track:

Camping in the park (5 euros per person) during the event is exceptionally allowed by the Council from Wednesday on and at own risk. The park is not a fitted camp site, there are no showers (only showers provided by nature), limited 220V from Friday on. You can bring a generator but use it wisely at night. Keep outer road free. Do not leave valuables within grabbing reach. And don’t count on quiet evenings, especially on Saturday night there will be loud music in the big party tent.

Type of electrical sockets used in Belgium:

or search Google for: CEE 7/7

Power 220V supplied in the pits. In the camping area there will be one centralized multi socket, so bring your own good quality extension lead.

See you soon,

Willy & Liliane,

MBV Kampenhout.

Kampenhout International Race 2019

Our 2019 International Race (a.k.a. Belgium GP) will be held on  July 6/7, coinciding with the park festivities as usual. It will be on the Efra calendar as International Race. However the format will be the same as before and an Efra licence is not required.

It was brought to our attention that Efra rules demand that all participants are affiliated to one of Efra’s National Federations (by end of June). Contact us if you have any questions regarding this requirement.


free practice on Friday

2wd on Saturday

4wd /Truck on Sunday, a Truck class (2WD Stadium Truck) will be added if there are enough candidates

Control tyre for driven axles: Schumacher mini spike 2, all types all compounds.

Additionally for the 4WD front wheels the Schumacher Wide Stagger Rib (all compounds) will be allowed

Entries will be open from the 4th of February until the end of February.


By sending your name and class(es) raced to, you can apply for a place.

Everyone can apply, even without personal invitation.


You will receive a confirmation for the entry list or reserve list at the beginning of March. Payment details will be in that mail. Do not send any payment before this confirmation with payment request.

Entry fees are still the same: 30 euros for 1 class or 50 euros for 2 classes.


Kind regards,

Willy & Liliane

2019 Kampenhout International Race

2019 Kampenhout International Race on July 6/7

Entries will be open from 4th till 28th of February, confirmations early march.

De inschrijvingen gaan open van 4 tot 28 februari, bevestigingen begin maart.

Les inscriptions  seront ouvertes  du 4 au 28 février, confirmations début mars.