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International Race Grand Prix Kampenhout 26, 27, 28 June 2020

Hello GP drivers,

Today we’ve received Efra’s decision to cancell all Efra races that take place before the 1st of July :

“At the current time, EFRA is cancelling all EFRA races on the calendar starting before the 1st of July. Those races will be moved to next year on the same venue when possible. »


We completely understand the current situation and hope to see you all in good health at our 2021 meeting.

In the meantime we will refund drivers who have already paid this year’s entry fee.

Best regards,

Willy & Liliane

INTERNATIONAL RACE (promotional) KAMPENHOUT  26/27/28 JUNE 2020

General info added to Grand Prix >> 2020

Our 2020 International Race (a.k.a. Belgium GP) will be held on the last weekend of June, coinciding with the park festivities as usual. It will be on the Efra calendar as International Race (promotional). However the format will be the same as before and an Efra licence is not required.

It was brought to our attention that Efra rules demand that all participants are affiliated to one of Efra’s National Federations (by end of June). Contact us if you have any questions regarding this requirement.


free practice on Friday

2wd on Saturday

4wd /Truck on Sunday, a Truck class (2WD Stadium Truck) will be added if there are enough candidates

Control tyre for driven axles (except Truck class): Schumacher Mini Dart,  all compounds.

We will limit the number of tyre sets to 3.

Entries will be open from the 3rd of February until the end of February.


By sending your name and class(es) raced to heremanss@telenet.be, you can apply for a place.

Everyone can apply, even without personal invitation.


You will receive a confirmation for the entry list or reserve list at the beginning of March. Payment details will be in that mail. Do not send any payment before this confirmation with payment request.

Entry fees are still the same: 30 euros for 1 class and 50 euros for 2 or 3 classes.


Kind regards,

Willy & Liliane



MBV Kampenhout vzw Leemputstraat 24 , 2812 Muizen  ondernemingsnr 0721.962.882

RPR Ondernemingsrechtbank Antwerpen afd.Mechelen  www.mbv.be


Uistlag van CK5 van 15 september + eindklassement: http://mbv.be/category/ck/ck-2019/

Info manche 6 van het BK 2019  op 1 september bij MBV Kampenhout: http://mbv.be/category/bk/bk-2019/

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Results + Pictures + Welcome + briefing International Race Kampenhout 2019


Uitslag van CK3 van 2 juni: http://mbv.be/category/ck/ck-2019/

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Confirmations will be sent out starting 11 March

2019 Kampenhout International Race : entries closed.
At the end of february: 93 entries in 2WD, 74 entries in 4WD, 11 in Truck

2019 Kampenhout International Race on July 6/7: http://mbv.be/category/grand-prix/grand-prix-2019/

Entries will be open from 4th till 28th of February, confirmations early march.

De inschrijvingen gaan open van 4 tot 28 februari, bevestigingen begin maart.

Les inscriptions  seront ouvertes  du 4 au 28 février, confirmations début mars.

Uitslag / résultat CK5 van 9september plus eindklassement CK2018



Results of the 2018 kampenhout International Race:


On the Efra website: https://www.efra.ws/race-calendar/event-results/


General info International Race 2018: http://mbv.be/category/grand-prix/grand-prix-2018/

GP history: https://www.albelli.be/onlinefotoboek-bekijken/1f89c180-53fb-4152-aeb7-6c1476aaa3f8?utm_campaign=SFB_widget

Facebook BK/CB: https://www.facebook.com/FBA-BK-CB-Offroad-110-305303196618658/

SCT CUP video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjEWF-eeXP0&feature=youtu.be


MBV Kampenhout vzw Leemputstraat 24 , 2812 Muizen  ondernemingsnr 0721.962.882

RPR Ondernemingsrechtbank Antwerpen afd.Mechelen  www.mbv.be

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